Getting Work Done Fast and More Efficiently with No Energy

Companies that have used document management software are familiar with having their paperwork scanned, then organizing and filing it electronically. No one wants to have piles of paperwork on their desk, or in drawers and file cabinets. Even if it is organized, it can be a big hassle to find something you might need right away.


So, how would software locate a specific file in a matter of seconds? How would an accountant be able to locate an invoice dated in 2006 along with all related notes? The answer is simple; intelligent indexing!


Intelligent indexing is a feature that has the ability to detect and capture applicable data, then store the data into the appropriate file cabinets. This ability to recognize data automatically will be able to revolutionize document management and organization.


Once documents are scanned, intelligent indexing extracts specific information to organize all of the documents into their structured archives. In order for this to take place, the software requires an initial setup and training, which typically can take from one to two months.


Some people are misguided in thinking that automatic data extraction is something that magically happens as soon as the document is scanned into the management software. It can take days and sometimes weeks to construct the software. For intelligent indexing to begin automatically recognizing information, some of that information needs to be imputed manually. After a while, the software takes a learning curve by which it starts intelligently recognizing types of documents and data. The accuracy level of the software will gradually increase over time, and soon it will remember exactly where to place information from the documents.


Automatic data extraction and intelligent indexing can save businesses time and money over a period of time. There are several hours of implementation, configuration, as well as trial and error that take place before reaping the benefits of intelligent indexing.


Being able to have intelligent indexing on hand can make procedures even easier, quicker and more efficient. Instead of searching through piles of paperwork, intelligent indexing can electronically locate any file, just by typing a few key words.


Get your work done faster and more efficiently without spending unnecessary time and energy.

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