Examples Of ECM Software In Action With Online Tax Filing Programs

Enterprise content management (or ECM) software manages all documents and the way in which those documents are used, stored, and presented digitally. A lot of businesses are able to do away with paper documents entirely, and use just digital representations. If you want to get a good idea of what this kind of software can do for your company, here are examples of ECM software in action with online tax filing programs. 


Auto-Fill Documents With Company Info

Company letterhead documents are rarely paper anymore. Tax companies fill out their company info on the top or bottom of each sheet so that it can be traced back to their company in the event of an investigation or audit. The convenience of the auto-fill feature does not even require the person filling out the form to begin entering this info because the minute a new tax document page is started, the ECM software fills it right away without a keystroke. If any of your documents need company letterheads or info on the document pages, you can save several minutes every day by setting the auto-fill features on your ECM software after setting up the information you want entered on every page you type. 


Transfer Imported or Uploaded Info to New Documents

People filing their taxes online for years usually use spreadsheet or accounting software to keep track of their finances through the year. Then they upload that information into the tax software when they file their taxes. The ECM software intertwined with the tax software prompts users to upload info from their spreadsheet or accounting software and then creates a safe bridge for that info to upload and transfer seamlessly. All "proprietary" information on individual tax forms and the spreadsheets or accounting programs from which the info was uploaded is protected with high security features within the ECM software the tax company uses. Likewise, you could use the ECM software with your company to upload and download proprietary information into your company's data banks all while keeping it very safe. 


Stored Away for the Following Year

Online tax companies process millions of tax documents every year. In order to keep that information and transfer it to the next year's taxes, these companies have to have an elite content management system that files away all of that information in a safe place. All of those individual files and digital documents are often stored in the cloud, but they may be stored in dozens of physical data towers and data bases. Every document has a unique signature attached to it so that Joe Smith's taxes are never confused with Joe A. Smith's taxes, and so on. When you need to store that much information and keep it in unique files, ECM software solutions is the way to go. 


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